Prices: 2.25 per person/game, 3 games for $5.00

Balladium, what is that, you ask?  It is an adrenaline pumping, interactive game featured at Family Fun Town.

The music is pumping, the black UV lights bring the room to life…suddenly a barrage of UV foam balls comes rocketing past your head and you duck for cover. You quickly scramble to find some balls of your own and return fire with your Ball Blaster. In a matter of seconds, you are fully engaged in a chaotic battle with UV balls flying everywhere in the arena! But look out behind that prop… someone has you in their sights!

This room is like your own fun, fighting zone.  It is a way to let go and have a blast, literally!  You will be blasting balls all over the room and at the end you are exhausted from the laughing, screaming and ball blasting!

Family Fun Town’s commitment to safety is taken very seriously. From lighting, to arena design, to rounded edges on props and cannons, you can be assured of your group’s safety.  Air Cannons are built ‘size friendly’ so that kids as young as 4, teenagers, and adults can all operate them with ease.  This attraction is sure to thrill!