Single Ride – $7.00
Passenger $2.00
3 Pack Driver $15.00
3 Pack Passenger $5.00
6 Pack Driver $25.00
6 Pack Passenger $8.00

*Single Driver must be at least 10 years old & 56″, Passenger must be 36″ and Driver for passenger must be at least 18 years old.

Get Supercharged at Electric Avenue, Family Fun Town’s Go Kart Speedway.
Ready for super speed?  Get charged up with our top-end performance go karts!  Try your skills on this 800-foot long, 20 foot wide track full of hair-pin turns.  Hit the booster button for that extra blast down the hair blowing straight away and you will absolutely get your heartbeat racing.  We guarantee 1 thing when you cross the finish line, you will be smiling ear to ear!

The greatest advantage of electric cars is we eliminate the stinky gas smell all over you and your clothing.  You also do not have to deal with the noisiness while racing so you can trash talk and be heard!

Our track attendants are fully trained and safety is our primary responsibility.  The track attendant completely controls the go kart track and has full authority to make any decisions he/she may feel necessary to keep all drivers safe, all of the time and still allows for an exhilarating experience at Electric Avenue.