Batting Cages

1 token: $1.75
8 tokens: $12.00
1 Token Equals 20 Pitches

Fine tune your swing and sharpen your batting skills.  Bring that competitive edge to Family Fun Town’s professional batting cages.
We offer a variety of skill building batting cages.  2 of our cages are “Iron Mike” style machines, geared more towards the high school and college playing level because of the speed and ability to time the pitch when delivered. The “Iron Mike’s” are beneficial to experienced ball players because it actually has a swing arm that simulates a pitcher’s arm motion.

4 of the cages are Jugs “Range Pro” style machines with an “Ultimate Trainer” coin box. The coin box allows you to choose what is the best pitch for your ability and most comfortable.  We offer 4 different baseball speeds starting at 40 mph and 4 different softball speeds right from the batter’s box. Up and down adjustments on the coin box allows the batter to raise and lower the pitch.

The last 2 cages are set up for soft toss and tee ball and both are completely free!

This attraction is ideal for skill building with your teammates or a group. Please contact us for group/team rates.